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Live Metals Prices - Commentary

GOLD: 1212.30     SILVER: 16.54     PLATINUM: 1183.00

Gold is slightly higher overnight by $4.04 or 0.33%.
Silver is much lower overnight by $-0.29 or -1.75%.
Platinum is moderately lower overnight by $-6.01 or -0.51%.

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First time selling gold in CT? We are one of the largest gold, silver, coins, bullion, diamond buyers in CT. Our purchase volume allows us to pay more than most competitors. You can feel confident that you will receive top dollar from us. Many customers who were planning to sell gold and silver in CT, have come to us thinking that they had nothing of value, only to find us giving them thousands of dollars for their gold or silver.

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Diamond prices differ when it comes to shape

What do diamonds and clothes have in common?  They both come in and out of style.  Diamonds come in all shapes, such as round, marquee, cushion cut, princess cut, oval, emerald, pear and more.   Currently,  round and princess cut are commanding higher prices than most others, with marquee and pear shaped diamonds commanding the least.   When a diamond buyer purchases a stone,  the shape is a very import factor in determining the offer price.  In some cases a round diamond of the same carat, clarity and color of a similar marquee or pear cut, can command prices of almost 100% more. 


How Diamonds are priced in a Jewelry Store.

The big day has come, you finally decide he or she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.  You go down to the local jewelry store and pick out a diamond you like, and BANG! you get hit with the price.  It is important to understand that jewelers mark up diamonds from 200% to 1000%.   There is huge margin in the sale of a diamond.

Usually, the jeweler will give you a free written appraisal that prices the diamond even higher than what you purchased it for.   That appraisal is not a REAL indication of the diamonds value, but just used for insurance purposes.

When selling a diamond keep in mind, the most a buyer would pay for it, is what they can buy it wholesale for.  So, if it was marked up 400% when it was purchased from the store, you can expect an offer that is a fraction of what you paid.

Gold & Silver Prices Stabilize

Much turmoil in the world since OIL prices started their decline.  Oil has been cut in half over the past few months.  Many commodities haven gone much lower with the decline of oil, but Gold and Silver have seemed to stop falling (for now).  Oil will probably find a short term bottom around $50 per barrel, and should start to slowly climb back to $70.  The question is will gold and silver go higher with OIL or lower when OIL starts to lift.   We still believe gold and silver will go lower towards $950 and $13.  Until we hit those levels, we don't see a bottom.


Have the Gold and Silver prices bottomed?

It has been a wild decline in both gold and silver prices over the past few months.   It looks like both have found some stabilization at these levels.   Although, we believe that prices have further to go down, we do see a small bounce here over the next couple of months.   Silver could climb back to $20 and gold $1300, but we believe the upside is very limited.  We are recommending to customers to take advantage of these higher prices to sell jewelry, coins and bullion.

We still believe $13 silver and $950 gold may be a longer term bottom.

Gold & Silver price decline.

It seems like the fall in prices will never stop.   As long as people are convinced that it will eventually go back up, we believe the prices CAN'T go up.   When we start to hear people and analysts saying that gold and silver are DONE for a lifetime, then you will start to see the prices rise.  As it stands now,  we still believe gold  goes under $1,000 and silver to $13.   Keep in mind that  gold and silver prices are denominated in DOLLARS.  The dollar has been getting stronger and stronger, which means anything denominated in dollars will get weaker.  This is the same reason why oil and gasoline prices are falling.  They also are denominated in dollars.



Why bad news is not moving Gold higher?

When it comes to financial instruments, one would think that good news should have the appropriate effect, as well as bad news.  So why then does gold move lower when we have Russia, Palestine and middle easts conflicts?  It is our theory that much of the issues are already priced into gold and silver.  Let's not forget that gold has moved from $300 to $1900 in just 8 years.    That is a pretty big move in a short period of time.   We are not saying it can't go  higher, but it may take many years to get back to the 1900 highs.   Considering prices are still high, now is still a good time to sell your gold or silver in ct.





Gold and Silver prices climb.

Gold and silver have been climbing steadily for the past couple of weeks.  But why?

Two main factors may be the driving force behind the rise in prices.   First, OIL prices are on the rise due to the Iraqi crises.  When OIL prices go higher, other commodities tend to follow.  Gold and Silver seems to be following the oil prices higher.  Any resolution or improvement of the IRAQ problem will lower OIL prices and gold and silver may follow.

Secondly,  the EU cut interest rates. The lowering of interest rates in the European Union may bring on inflation which would also boost gold and silver prices. Currently,  inflation is low, but starting to climb through out the world.  In fact, England is going to be raising rates soon.   On balance, we don't believe gold has much of a ceiling above $1450, and would be a seller at that price.


Some believe now is the right time to Sell your old Gold jewelry.

After missing the $1900 per ounce climb in gold, and $45 per ounce climb in silver, many sellers have been waiting for a ramp up in gold and silver to liquidate their old gold or silver jewelry.   Gold went as low as $1100 and now has climbed back to almost $1400.   We are warning sellers not to be greedy and take this opportunity to sell.   We don't believe $1900 per ounce is coming any time soon.   In fact, this ramp up to almost $1400 in gold is probably a mid-term top in the markets.  We could re-trace back to $1100 per ounce in a very short period of time.


Institutional Gold and Silver BETS are hugely short

It is not a secret in the industry that the big boys are betting that gold and silver go lower.   They are mostly to the short side.   For those who may not understand, when a financial firm makes a "SHORT" bet, they are of the belief that the price will go lower, and thus they will make money if it does.   If the price goes higher, they will lose money.  You may say to yourself, well if the big boys are of the belief that gold and silver prices go lower, then I should SELL now.   In most cases when everyone is leaning one way, you want to be a contrarian and go the other way.   The reason is that if most of the money is invested on the short side, then much of the selling pressure has already been consumed, and as the price starts to go higher, those same shorts need to BUY in order to limit their losses or cover their gains.  We are of the belief that any break below $1150 in gold will probably start us on a slide to $1000.   If gold can stabilize here, then we may start a new bull run.  Stay Tuned!



Crucial Point for Gold - Buyers are strong

Many speculators were singing the death of Gold and Silver only a month ago.   Gold and Silver have been able to make a nice rebound and hold the gains. The dynamic that looks pretty strong to us is that Gold and Silver went higher even as Crude Oil moved lower.  Crude and precious metals have been trading in step with each other for many years now.  Crude has broken under $100 and gold & silver have moved above $1350.    Unlike Crude, which in our opinion there is plenty of it, Gold and Silver are scarce.   As stated in prior posts $1400 will be an important level for gold to rise above and hold.   This upcoming week should be interesting.



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